Eleanor's piece looks VERY similar to one Louis once sported

Is there a chance Eleanor Calder is still wearing Louis Tomlinson clothes?!

Eleanor, 22, posted an Instagram snap of herself in an pale blue denim jacket yesterday, which eagle-eyed fans noted looked VERY similar to one Louis once sported.

The One Direction singer, 23, donned the near-identical piece on the cover of the group’s third album Midnight Memories, which was released in 2013.

We must say, it IS quite a coincidence.

The ex-couple were still together back in 2013, so Eleanor could easily have ended up with a couple of Louis‘ garments from that time in her wardrobe.

As one follower wrote: ‘I don’t see a single thing that’s different about the jacket. Of course there’s not 100% proof that it’s Louis’ jacket, but as I said it’s quite likely.’

But as the jacket isn’t particularly oversized on the university graduate, some wondered whether it would have been big enough to fit Louis.

However, one of El‘s followers made the fair point: ‘I think they are almost the same size.

‘The only difference is the weight, but there’s almost no height difference. It’s quite likely that he once gave her that jacket and now she just kept instead of giving it back :).’

Not everyone is convinced, though.

One person said: ‘The sleeves look different,’ and others wrote: ‘It’s not Louis’ jacket. The collar is different,’ and: ‘y’all know not every denim jacket is louis.’

Louis and Eleanor ended their three-year relationship in March, with a spokesperson confirming: ‘Louis and Eleanor split up two weeks ago.

‘They have not announced this as they wanted some privacy.’

Despite potentially wearing her ex’s clothes, there doesn’t seem to be much chance of Eleanor reuniting with Louis – she unfollowed him on Instagram earlier this month.

However, he IS still subscribed to her. So if that is his jacket, he’ll have seen the snap.


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