The pair used to date

Ellie Goulding and Greg James appeared on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show together on Monday morning – seven years after ending their 18-month relationship – and fans went wild over their ‘awkward’ reunion.

The pair split back in 2012 and have both got new partners – with Greg married to Bella Mackie and Ellie engaged to Caspar Joplin – but that didn’t stop fans flocking to Twitter to analyse their exchange.

While some people branded it ‘awkward,’ others praised their ‘mature’ attitude.


‘I’m here for the awkwardness of Greg James and Ellie Goulding being on the radio together,’ one user tweeted.

Another said: ‘Greg James and Ellie Goulding are so mature and lovely – if I had to interview most of my exes for work I’d be such a petty little bitch and flat refuse on account of them being dead to mi.’

A third added: ‘Great to hear you and Ellie on air – you still sound like GREAT MATES!’

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Proving there’s no bad blood between the pair, Greg, 33, even took to Instagram to promote Ellie’s guest appearance on his show.

It’s not the first time the exes have had to come face-to-face for work. In fact, back in 2014 fans of the couple begged them to get back together after noticing extreme ‘sexual tension’ during another Radio 1 interview.


Outrageous sexual tension between Greg James and Ellie Goulding on @BBCR1,’ one fan pointed out.

Another begged: ‘Greg James and Ellie Goulding interview right now, can they just get back together now yeah okay?’

Sadly the Greg and Ellie ship has definitely passed as the pair are both smitten with their respective partners.

We’re just glad they can be friends!