Ellie Goulding and Katie Hopkins just had an explosive fight on social media, which has caused a great deal of online controversy...

As celeb feuds go, some are way more likely than others.

Did we ever see the day Ellie Goulding and Katie Hopkins would be online feuding over all things EU and Brexit? Did we heck.

But hey, this is 2016. We’ve come to terms with the fact literally *anything* can happen and we’ll just get on with it.

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So, in the same way that we never thought we’d see the end of Brangelina, Katie and Ellie are currently having a *pretty* darn heated political row- via the, thankfully v. public, medium of Twitter.

Was a pleasure Capital Jingle Bell Ball 🙏🏼 @conormcdphoto

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It all kicked off after the highly controversial Katie had shared her thoughts over Italy’s uncertainty on the future of the EU following the United Kingdom leaving earlier this summer.

Katie tweets, ‘ITALEXIT!! Another one falls – welcome back to the lira. Ciao ciao to the E.U. …how’s your day going Miss Merkel?’.

This didn’t settle too well with many Twitter users, including singer Ellie Goulding- who replied, very simply, ‘delete you account’.

In true Katie Hopkins form, this was then replied too with a rather sarcastic comment- reading ‘Ask me that again nicely. In a weird high pitched voice. With big hair’.

Yup, we smell trouble.

After Ellie had, once more, asked Katie to ‘delete her account’ (we’re not sure, but we don’t think it was in the ‘weird high pitched voice), Katie replied ‘Ellie. It is never going to happen. Stop talking now lovely, that pitch sets the dogs off’.

This *also* didn’t settle well with Ellie, who then shared ‘You mean you? Ooooooo snap!’.

Yup, news flash of the day: Ellie Goulding has called Katie Hopkins a dog. What a time to be alive.

And, as it all appeared to simmer down, Ellie tweeted her final thoughts on the matter- sharing a snap of herself taking out the trash, which she captioned ‘Taking the trash out, suitably apt #ByeKatie #Fancysomesparring’.

Katie then managed to get her final word in, sharing a snap of herself following her brain surgery earlier this year- which she captioned ‘Sure @elliegoulding – you are on. I have fought far tougher things this year than some shampoo sales-bird.’.

Yep… that all happened.

We’re off for a lie down and a long, hard think about what 2016 has come too.

Alice Perry