Star is giving up curries to get in shape

Sir Elton John has vowed to slim down for his 60th birthday.

The flamboyant musician admits he’s been a bit of a couch potato in recent months and is giving up all junk food, including his favourite curries, and embarking on a rigorous exercise regime so he is in shape for his big day on 25 March.

In an interview with Radio 1, he admitted: ‘I’ve let myself go recently so I’m going on a diet and making an effort to do more exercise so that I’m looking good for my birthday.’

Elton, who is famed for his lavish bashes, revealed he and his partner David Furnish are planning something extra-special.

He says: ‘We have a trick up our sleeves for my 60th celebrations which we have been planning for two years. I’m really excited about it. The only thing I am going to tell you about it is that it has a New York theme.’

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