Katie was ‘self-medicating’

Emily Andre has finally settled into a good routine with her extended family after taking in Peter’s children, with ex-wife Katie Price, following her struggle with drugs.

emily andre

The doctor and her singer husband appeared on Lorraine this morning to discuss their family life after it was revealed that the couple moved Junior, 13, and Princess, 11, in with them after Katie admitted she had been ‘self-medicating’.

But it appears Emily has finally settled into her new home set-up, helping to look after her step-children alongside her own kids that she shares with Pete, Amelia, five, and Theo, two.


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‘It’s a difficult one. I think I’ve got more of a big sister role. Obviously it’s about keeping things fair with the young two as well,’ she told Lorraine Kelly.

‘But I think we’ve cracked it, we’ve settled into routine.’

Katie revealed during a candid interview on Loose Women recently that Pete had taken their kids during her ‘toughest year yet’, which has seen her arrested for drink-driving, enter rehab and get caught on camera discussing taking cocaine.

Speaking with the panel, Katie explained: ‘[Doctors] said I needed severe traumatic rehabilitation. It was to do with what had happened to me at the beginning of the year.

‘In one go, I got told my mum was dying, my dog got run over and killed on my driveway, my horse got knocked over and killed outside my house.

‘I had a kidnap threat with Harvey, I caught the ex-husband cheating again and then obviously divorcing him and then the hijack in South Africa.’

katie price

Admitting she began ‘self-medicating on drugs’ to cope with the emotional trauma, 40-year-old Katie added: ‘My family and friends were hurt, they didn’t know what to do. All these years in the industry I never have [done drugs] but I purely did it to self-medicate, I went to the doctors and told them the truth…

‘Self-medicating on drugs really, it was disgusting, but it was my way of dealing with it. At least I can hold my hands up, if I didn’t speak out now, I would still be in a rut’.

But Katie did admit that she now knows Pete taking in their kids was the right thing to do, she added: ‘I don’t blame Pete doing what he did at the beginning, my ex Kieran told him I was self-medicating, there’s more drama behind that, but everything is back to normal now.’