Spice Girl and partner Darren Bennett leave the show

Emma Bunton is desperately disappointed that she’s been voted out of Strictly Come Dancing but it has been a painful experience for her.

An injury from her Spice Girl days has troubled her ever since.

‘I used to fall over on stage quite a lot wearing those ridiculous shoes,’ she explains. ‘I actually pulled all the ligaments in one leg wearing a pair of Buffalos [high-heeled trainers], and I still have to be careful as that leg is a bit weak.’

Even so Emma, 30, says dancing is a fun way to keep fit.

‘Doing the dancing for the programme is the best exercise I’ve ever had,’ she tells The Independent Magazine. ‘I hate the gym and I really have to push myself to go, but dancing doesn’t feel like you’re exercising.

‘I don’t think I’ve lost weight but I’m definitely more toned. I’m happy to be curvy – I know that most men like a curve.’

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Anna Taylor