Baby Spice asked her former bandmates for advice

Emma Bunton got advice from the Spice Girls before signing up for Strictly Come Dancing.

Before committing to the popular TV show, the singer picked her friends’ brains to find out what they thought of the programme.

And Emma, 30, who is currently wowing audiences with dance partner Darren Bennett, says the girls inspired her to sign up.

‘I phoned both Mels and asked them what they thought about the competition,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘They said I should go for it.

‘The girls have been amazing. I’ve had flowers, text messages, phone calls. Victoria has texted to say she’s watching. It’s been lovely to get that support.

‘All of them just told me to enjoy it. And that’s the one thing – I’ve had the best time. Doing a live show every Saturday night is nerve wracking so I think they’ve all enjoyed watching it.’

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