Emma has spoken out over the speculation.


Today, the news of Gaz Beadle and Emma McVey becoming parents-to-be rocked the reality TV world.

We had tears, celebrations and, most importantly, Dior dummies. Because apparently newborn couture is a thing now.

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And, whist the majority of social media became alight with well wishes for the couple, there was also a teeny bit of unnecessary speculation surrounding the announcement.

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Internet trolls had spotted a snap shared by the 24-year-old model a couple of weeks back, in which she and Gaz can be seen enjoying a lil’ drink.


3 days…☀️✈️😍

A post shared by Emma McVey (@emma_jane1392) on

A few followers have immediately, and unfairly, assumed that the drink in front of Emma is both hers and alcoholic.

Some have even commented on the snap to criticise the mum-to-be, with replies reading messages such as: ‘up the duff and drinking?’ and ‘she’s pregnant, yet she’s here in this picture drinking alcohol?

However, many have also stepped out in defence of the model- with a lot of people sharing that it’s probably just an alcohol free bevvy or a mocktail of some sorts.

One user writes, ‘I’ve had two kids and drank in the early weeks because I had no idea I was pregnant! Perhaps she didn’t know. Perhaps it’s a cocktail?!’.

Another simply shares, ‘OMG ITS PROBABLY ALCOHOL FREE!!!!!’. 

In fact, Emma has now hit back at the speculation – sharing with The Mirror that the drink was alcohol free. Emma shares, ‘All bars sell none alcoholic cocktails so of course it’s not alcoholic!’.

Sending Gaz and Emma our best wishes during this special time. We’d love to know your thoughts on the trolling, Tweet us @CelebsNow with your opinion!

Alice Perry