Actress pretends she buys clothes from charity shop

Emma Thompson has to keep a lid on her spending because of thrifty husband Greg Wise.

When the actress, 49, splashes out, she makes sure her fella thinks she’s found a bargain in a charity store.  

‘If I buy anything, I lie about it, hide it, or stain/chip it slightly and claim it was 75p in the Scope shop,’ she writes in Finch’s Quarterly Review magazine.

‘I have successfully managed to introduce three pairs of shoes, a handbag and a Fedora, all by Donna Karan, using this deception.’

Emma says Greg, 42, takes pride in wearing clothes bought from the local corner shop.

‘When I whimper as I watch him pulling his ancient, baggy and fake Calvin Klein pants up over his perfectly-formed six-pack to his chin, he snaps: “Oh stop it. These’ll be perfect for the next five years”.’

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