Harry Potter star likes to give her all


Emma Watson really commits to her role when she’s making a movie.

The actress, who found fame in the Harry Potter franchise as a child, enjoyed working to a pressured schedule on recent film Noah even though it was incredibly tiring.

It was immensely satisfying,’ says Emma, 24.

That’s what I want to do. I’d rather have a really intense experience with Noah, and give it my everything for two or three months, then wait for the next special thing.

That’s the kind of work I want to do. I want to be pushed and challenged.

I want to feel utterly exhausted and expended and like I’ve given everything I can by the end of it.’

Emma admits that taking such a draining approach can negatively affect her personal life though.

It’s in those situations that it’s very difficult to explain to your friends and family why you’ve just disappeared for three months,’ the pretty star tells Event Magazine.

It’s because there’s just no excess energy left for anything else. That was all I had space for in my world.

I lost so much weight during filming just because I was emotionally overwrought all the time.’

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