The actress often has to sob on screen

Emma Watson has realised that she’s a pretty good crier.

The actress had to weep several times in her recent movie Noah and thinks it must be something she’s quite skilled at.

I cry in the film four times, so I guess it is something that I am good at,’ says Emma, 24.

That’s what my mum said after the film, “Well, if nothing else, it establishes you as a good crier.”‘

Emma learned to sob and deal with a whole host of things during filming of the Harry Potter saga but admits it could be really tough at times.

It’s useful having had a history of working with special effects and also just in terms of stamina,’ the British star tells Hello!

I am used to having to do the same thing over and over again in order to be able to get technical things right.

I am used to being outside in the freezing cold for hours and being soaking wet and rained on and then having to run and then cry…

It can feel overwhelming and I have to remind myself it’s never ever going to be as full on as it was with Harry Potter.’

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