The Harry Potter star has three men after her. Lucky girl!


She’s only been back at university for a matter of weeks, but Emma Watson already has the male population at her feet.

The 20-year-old actress, who’s in her second year of a Liberal Arts degree at American university Brown, recently said in a interview: I need to have more fun!’

If the trail of men following her around is anything to go by, she’s doing just that.

She’s very popular on campus,’ says a fellow pupil at the prestigious Ivy League school.

All the guys want to date her. She’s smart, beautiful and famous – what more could they ask for?’

So what about her boyfriend George Craig, 20, frontman of One Night Only, who she left back in Yorkshire?

She told him she doesn’t want to be exclusive while she’s away and he agreed,’ says the friend.

They’re not breaking it off completely and George is actually planning to come for a visit, but they both want to be free during the months of their separation.’

When George does finally visit her in the States, he may be in for a rude shock because the pal says she’s already seeing other people.

Emma’s said to be back in touch with Spanish rocker Rafael Cebrian, who she’s been linked to several times.

They have an amazing connection and she thinks he’s really hot,’ says Now’s spy.

As if having two hot men after her wasn’t enough, Emma also has her sights set on a mystery man on campus.

There’s a guy on her course who she’s had a crush on since last year,’ says our spy.

She never did anything about it because she wasn’t single, but now that’s changed so she’s casually dating him as well.’

Blimey, Emma, what would Ron Weasley say?

Read the full story about Emma Watson in Now magazine dated 8 November 2010 – out now!

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