Emma Willis and Reggie Yates are back with a shock new couples show - we can't wait!

We’ve fallen in love with Emma Willis ­ and her wardrobe ­ on Big Brother and The Voice and now she’s set to front another primetime TV show. But this one has a dark twist. BBC1’s Prized Apart splits couples up as one half completes death-defying stunts in Morocco with co-host Reggie Yates, 31, while the other faces gruelling general knowledge questions back home
with Emma, 39, as they battle it out for £100,000. Now caught up with Emma and Reggie to find out all the goss…

Emma, how do you juggle family time with all your work?
Emma: Well, we’ve filmed this show already, I’m only doing Big Brother one night a week this series and then my radio show is one day a week. That’s all I have on. But my husband [McBusted’s Matt, 32] was off work all of May, so he did all the housework while I’ve been filming.

How do you think you and Matt would do if you took part in Prized Apart?
E: We’d end up fighting it out to do the adrenaline stuff because we’re both terrible at general knowledge. But I think Matt would make me stay in the studio because he’s pretty buff and really sporty.
What do you think you’d struggle with?
E: In my brain I’m fearless ­ I’ll go high, fast and jump into anything ­ but in reality I’d crap my pants! When I was younger I’d try anything, but now I have kids I just worry and think: “What am I doing? What if something goes wrong?”

What’s it like working with Reggie?
E: I was like: “Yay!” when I found out.
Reggie: We’ve been keen to work together again since we did a music show called M-Pops together years ago.
E: I was jealous he got the adrenaline side of things whereas I got the stress and tension in the studio.

Reggie, how did you find it being away from your fiancée Tia Ward while filming in Morocco?
R: It was really tough. The contestants can’t contact their families at all during filming.I wouldn¹t cope with that.

Did either of you have any fears about fronting a new show?
R: The atmosphere was great. You get some shows where when you finish filming for the day and want to go to your room, but this wasn’t like that at all.
E: I’m just a lover of Saturday night TV that’s nice. I work on Big Brother, which is full of bitching, but I’m happy for my children to sit and watch this with us.

Prized Apart is on BBC1 at 7pm on Fridays

Joshua Fox