Talk about defying the odds!

Everyone loves a good miracle story – especially around Christmas. And when it involves babies, there’s even more of a reason to be excited!

And this is something that Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter should be well aware of – as she’s revealed that she is pregnant with twins, despite being told that she has a less than 20 percent chance of conceiving!

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Lucy, who has played character Chas Dingle since 2002, first revealed her happy news in October, telling fans that she and her football coach partner Rudi Coleano were welcoming two new little ones to their family. They already have an 11-year-old named Lola, yet they’d been having difficulty conceiving a second time around.

‘Ever since Lola,’ she explained, ‘We’ve been trying for 11 years and now we’re expecting twins! We thought if it happens, it happens. But it never did. We just thought I was too stressed out with work or a house renovation.

Emmerdale's Lucy Pargeter & partner Rudi Coleano (Jonathan Hordle/REX/Shutterstock)

Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter & partner Rudi Coleano (Jonathan Hordle/REX/Shutterstock)

‘We never had any concerns about secondary infertility [the inability to fall pregnant after already giving birth to one or more children] because we had Lola so easily after six months of being together.’

However, once she realised that she hadn’t managed to fall pregnant after a few years of trying, her concerned were raised. She tells OK! Magazine: ‘It wasn’t until three or four years ago that I was like, hang on, I’m not getting any younger. Women don’t realise that it’s not just you getting older, it’s your eggs getting older and your egg reserves get less every year.

‘There is so much pressure for women to concentrate on their careers before kids, but then they get to 38 onwards and their career is fine, but their body isn’t.’

Lucy, 39, then underwent two rounds of IVF – and due to her age, there was a slimmer probability of conception being successful.

‘The whole process is extremely hard. The not knowing, the wanting to get excited. For my age, the chance of it working was 20%, so we were pumping so much money into it and wanted it so badly, but it was completely out of our control. You can do everything right, but if those eggs don’t want to stick, they won’t.’

Happily, the second time was the charm – she and Rudi are now due to become parents again on May 3rd 2017, and they couldn’t be happier!