After five years, the romance is over

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova have ended their relationship.

‘We’ve split,’ Enrique has confirmed. ‘I’m single now and it’s OK. I don’t mind being single.’

Enrique, 32, has mentioned in recent interviews that he isn’t ready to settle down and it looks as if Anna, 25 – after spending five years with him – doesn’t want to wait any longer.

With an eye for the ladies like his dad Julio, Enrique won’t be too broken-hearted.

‘There are a lot of beautiful people around,’ he told Sunday magazine. ‘You go to a restaurant and there are a lot of gorgeous waitresses.

‘I love teachers too – I think they’re sexy and I’ve always found them to be a turn on.

‘And secretaries are my weakness also.’

Enrique jokes that his manhood is ‘way, way, way too small’ – then claims that really it’s ‘way, way, way too big!’

If you catch is eye in a restaurant, office or classroom and enjoy a night of passion, then be sure to let us know the truth…