But hates it when we wear socks with sandals

Enrique Iglesias has travelled the world but London is his favourite stop-off.

‘It’s an amazing city. You know what I like best? It’s so diverse,’ he says.

‘It’s probably the capital of the world. But it’s expensive and the grey weather kills me. I get that seasonal affective disorder thing.’

Enrique, 32, even rates the girls in the UK.

‘I like British women. They’re so polite and together, just like everyone here,’ he tells You magazine.

‘You’re so organised and you work so hard. That’s why, when you leave England, you get drunk and go nuts. I’m from Spain, so I know.’

It’s easy for the Latin heart-throb to spot a British tourist on holiday.

‘You know how I can tell a Brit in Spain?’ he laughs. ‘They’re fighting, while wearing socks with sandals.’

Suzannah Ramsdale