Khloe Kardashian also revealed which Disney hunk she'd like to get down and dirty with during a fun game of F***, Marry, Kill

Kim Kardashian famously snapped a selfie with Hillary Clinton earlier this year – but the presidential candidate may just swear off the famous klan after Khloe Kardashian declared she’d like to get down and dirty with her husband, Bill Clinton!

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But before Hils gets all ‘hands off my man’ up in Khloe’s face, don’t worry – Bill was simply sexy star’s choice of bedroom partner for a fun game of F***, Marry, Kill. Or ‘F***, Marry, Friend-Zone’ as Khloe and her pals have rebranded it!

Posting on her website, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wrote: ‘You guys know the game F***, Marry, Kill, right??? I recently played a version of this with my team and they came up with an awesome new twist: F***, Marry, Friend-Zone! (According to some guys, friend-zoning is worse than death, anyway!)’

Khloe also revealed that she’d make current US President Barak Obama put a ring on it, whilst unlucky George W. Bush would get sent to the friend zone.

Having had her pick of presidents past and present, Khloe moved onto a category much more up our street – Disney hunks!


Given the choice of Prince Charming, the Beast from Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, Khloe confessed that marrying the prince was a ‘no brainer’ – and that she fancied letting the Beast indulge his animal instincts with her in the bedroom.

‘Of course I’d marry Prince Charming. No brainer!’ she wrote.

‘I’d f**k the Beast—I did want to f**k the Beast back in the day, LOL. I’d friend-zone Aladdin because he doesn’t do it for me, but I’d let him take me on a magic carpet ride, haha!’

Watching this candid footage of the Beast caught drying off after a bath, we know EXACTLY what you mean, Khloe!

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