Desperate Housewives actress had the hots for Living La Vida Loca star


Happily engaged to basketball star Tony Parker, Eva Longoria doesn’t mind admitting that she was once attracted to Ricky Martin.

‘When he was 13 he starred in a TV show in America and I thought he was gorgeous,’ she says. ‘I thought I was completely in with a chance and fantasised every minute of the day about marrying him and being with him forever.’

Eva, 32, obviously likes tall, dark and handsome men (fianc√© Tony is 6ft 3in to her 5ft 3in) but, if she were still single, she says there’s no type of guy she wouldn’t date.

‘A girl should never say never,’ she tells Live magazine. ‘All men have their appeal. Sex appeal has nothing to do with how you look. It comes from so many things – confidence, humour, intellect, maturity; sometimes even a bit of goofiness is nice.’