Actress thinks the footballer is beautiful

Eva Mendes admits she’d find David Beckham hot, even if he smelt of mouldy cheese and old socks.

The actress and lingerie model, 34, says scent is important as well as good looks.

‘Attractiveness is primal – it’s something you can’t put your finger on,’ she tells Cosmopolitan.

‘I’ve met guys who are great looking, but there was no spark.

‘And I’ve met guys who’ve been overweight and balding, but when you talk to them you’re like “wow”, I’m really attracted to this person.

‘Smell is important too. Would David Beckham be as beautiful if he smelt like old socks and bad cheese? Actually, bad example – he probably would.’

David, 32, has 3 kids with wife Victoria Beckham, 34.


Alison Adey