Last night, it appeared that Matt Terry and Freddie Parker possibly shared an on stage kiss... See the moment here!


As another year of The X Factor wraps up, theres a fair bit of talk surrounding the final of the series.

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So anyway, last night Matt Terry was crowned the 2016 winner of The X Factor- and it’s fair to say that people were pretty happy about the decision…

See: Matt Terry is the 2016 X Factor winner!

Matt has taken to Twitter to thank fans for voting for him, tweeting a snap of himself performing the winners single with the caption ‘I can’t believe it!!! Thank you to every single one of you that voted for me  #xfactorfinal’.

Many have taken to social media to congratulate Matt on his victory, with messages reading ‘Just heard the FAB news about @MattTerry93! Congratulations you gorgeous boy! Such a humble, talented and deserving winner of @TheXFactor!’.

However, despite everyone being pretty darn chuffed for the 23-year-old, there has *also* been a great deal of speculation surrounding what possibly looked like a kiss between Matt and his fellow X Factor hopeful Freddie Parker…

I'm so excited for tonight! Who else?! #xfactorfinal

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As Matt had received the news of his victory on stage, the rest of the competitors flooded the stage to congratulate him. As this happened, it had appeared that Matt and Freddie had possibly embraced each other in a kiss…

The possibility of Matt and Freddie having shared a lil’ smooch has sent fans into overdrive, with many taking to social media to speculate…

Matt has decided not to address the claims- having instead posting a long message of thanks to all those involved in the competition.

Matt writes, ‘You guys are my friends for life and I cannot wait to see you all again and have some proper laughs… You all mean so much and are fantastic people. It’s been an eventful ride but you guys did it! Love you all’.

In fact, Matt appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today- having shared that he was most definitely enjoying the female attention he had been receiving since being on the show.

After host Piers Morgan had asked Matt what he thought of the attention, her replied ‘It’s so much fun… There’s been marriage proposals… I’ve said yes to every one on Twitter – why not?’.

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Alice Perry