She's mates with Kate Moss and is dating a Welsh singer

We get to see A LOT of Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey but we actually don’t know that much about her. While the 25-year-old has enjoyed not being recognised up to this point- all that is about to change.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hollywood star…

1. Her mum is actress Melanie Griffith
Remember her? The lead in classic movie, Working Girl. Her dad is Miami Vice star Don Johnson. And her maternal grandmother is The Birds star, Tippi Hendren. After her parents divorced then remarried then divorced, her mum went on to marry Antonio Banderas. They split last year.

2. She made her film debut age 10
Dakota starred in Crazy in Alabama in 1999. It was a family affair with her and her half-sister Stella Banderas playing daughters of real life mum Melanie. The film was directed by her step-father Antonio. But when it flopped, she put acting on hold and went back to school.

3. Her family won’t watch Fifty Shades of Grey

While her family are all been supportive of her landing the role of Anastasia Steele, they aren’t keen to actually watch the film.
Her dad, Don said: ‘It’s just not the kind of movie I would see.’ Tippi, 84, was in agreement saying: ‘No, no, no, I saw the trailer and I think it’s lovely and that’s about all I’m going to see.’

4. She loves tattoos
Dakota has several tattoos including a large one on the inside of her left arm reading, ‘Acta Non Verba’ which is Latin for ‘Deeds Not Words’. On her right foot she has ‘Look At The Moon’ inked surrounded by little stars. She has swallows on her right shoulder as well as another tattoo behind her right ear and another on the back of her neck.

5. She auditioned for Girls

Dakota auditioned in front of Judd Apatow for a role on Lena Dunham’s Girls in 2010. She didn’t get the part but she really impressed Judd who recommended her for a role on the film, The 5 Year Engagement instead.

6. She had sex with Justin Timberlake (in a film)

She had her first box office hit playing Justin Timberlake‘s one night stand in The Social Network. But Dakota doesn’t do Facebook or any other social networking. She said: ‘I was on Facebook until I caught myself being a psycho stalker. That’s when I chose to stop.’

7. She’s mates with Kate Moss
Dakota has some A-list mates including Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Stewart and Kate Moss, who lets her crash at her house when she is in London.

8. She’s won a Golden Globe (kinda)
She was voted Miss Golden Globe in 2006. The gong is bestowed on children of famous actors. Her mother won that award in 1975.

9. She spent time in rehab
Dakota went to rehab in Malibu for 30 days in September 2007 for therapy for stress.

10. She had elephants as pets
Dakota grew up two rescue elephants, Timbo and Cora as pets. Her grandmother still keeps lions, tigers, a black leopard and a three-legged cheetah.

11. She’s in a relationship with a Welsh man
She is dating Matthew Hitt, the Welsh frontman of band, Drowners.

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