We're heartbroken to hear this news about Louise and Alik!

It looks like there could be trouble in paradise for Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson and her boyfriend Alik Alfus after Louise cheated with fellow cast member Elliot Cross in last night’s episode. But, after watching the programme, Louise was quick to vocalise her feelings on Twitter towards what had happened: ‘Ew ew ew. As if.’


So you regret it then, Louise? The cheating scandal happened while Alik was away in New York working on his family leather business Libra Leather. As Elliot claimed: ‘She was saying stuff like, “Oh this is so weird I’m flirting”, I kissed her and I put her to bed and I slept on the sofa.’

Louise initially claimed that she didn’t remember what had happened, and denied it, saying: ‘an attention thing. Maybe he’s flattered.’ However, possibly in the knowledge that cheating inevitably gets exposed in the Made In Chelsea world, she later admitted the kiss to an unhappy Alik over Skype:

Basically, apparently I kissed Elliot. God knows why! I don’t even know the guy. It’s all so weird.’

She added: ‘It’s not like I make these decision consciously. I don’t know why I risk my relationship with you. It actually breaks my heart.’

Poor Alik! Resolving to get on a plane the next day, he told Louise: ‘It breaks MY heart!’

It looks like Louise is not the only one to regret the kiss, with Elliot calling it ‘a moronic mistake’ that ‘made him feel like s**t.’ We really hope this is a one-off and that Louise and Alik, who form one of the sweetest couples in the show’s history, can get through this.

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter