Sheep placenta? Bird Poo? Harry Styles goes to some extreme lengths to keep looking young and gorgeous!


We’ve heard of some loony tactics to keep oneself looking young, but we think that Harry Styles has just taken the proverbial biscuit.

It emerged today that the 21 year heartbreaker is apparently so concerned about losing his boyish good looks, that he has resorted to putting sheep placenta on his face in a bid to beat the aging odds.

Yes. You did hear right. Sheep placenta.

Apparently, Hazza has been splashing out on the exclusive facial regime (containing essence of lamb’s afterbirth, vom) because he feels his skin is suffering the effects of wearing heavy tour make-up night after night. We get it Harry but really…REALLY.

Whatever happened to good old Clearasil?

The treatment (not cheap at £325 a pop) apparently imitates the nutrients found in a human placenta, so helps to plump and firm tired skin.

The One Directon star’s dermatologist Louise Deschamps told the latest issue of Grazia magazine:

‘Harry comes to see me. It’s not unusual for young men to come to me.’

She adds: ‘He’s so adorable.’

The exclusive Beverly Hills clinic that administers the rather grim treatment is also regularly frequented by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham, with it’s founder Dr Lancer being lauded as a bonafide skin specialist to the A-list.

Have Hazza and Kim K been trading skincare tips? Yuuuuuussss!

We admire the fact that Harry is taking care of himself (many, many men could take a leaf from his grooming book), but have to admit we feel a teeny bit icky about the way he’s going about it. It’s just a bit gross really. But he isn’t alone.

Here are some other famous chaps that have fallen foul of extreme beauty fads…

Tom Cruise – Bird Poo
Yes. We know. Normally, would you equate one with the other unless Tom managed to incur the wrath of a passing seagull with a tummy upset? Neither would we. But yes, apparently Tom Cruise, 52, has splashed out before on a facial that contains bird do-do. Originally, this authentic Japanese treatment was practiced by Geishas to help keep their skin looking young, but as with most things, this facial has controversially found itself on modern day salon menus. Bird poo (apparently) contains enzymes that help to remove dead skin cells to reveal a more glowing complexion. Hmm. Ok.

Simon Cowell – Milk
We think Simon Cowell, 55, looks pretty good for his age, and it’s well documented that the filthy-rich mogul doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to looking good. However, along with the pricey vitamin injections, botox, and colonic irrigation procedures, Simon has a rather more affordable trick up his sleeve. Milk. Not your average pint of the creamy stuff, but a £10.95 lemon scented bath milk that SiCo says he uses daily to soften and perfume his skin. Fancy.

Mel Gibson – Cow Brain Ointment
Yeah, we were a bit cautious of this one too, but apparently bonkers Braveheart star Mel Gibson, 59, covers his arms in this cream before playing a game of poker. Bear with us. Allegedly, the cream harvested from a cows bonce can ‘clean the neurotransmitters and sharpen mental focus’. Hence the poker thing. We’re baffled too…

And the normals….
Yes, not all celebs are obsessed beauty misfits. Leave it to the handsome David Gandy to give normal treatment-curious men props:

‘When I wake up in the morning, I tend to just use a good quality moisturizer from Aveda. My routine is the same for a night out, but in the evening, I use a rose oil,’ the D&G model has said. ‘It was recommended to me by a makeup artist to apply to the skin after flights, which is especially important because of how often I fly.’

Look at him. We know who we’d be taking advice from, lads.

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