#ReportSamPepper trends worldwide following former Big Brother housemate Sam Pepper's public groping video

If you aren’t quite familiar with the YouTube generation, chances are you’ve forgotten all about Sam Pepper.

The floppy haired mischievous Big Brother housemate that wreaked havoc throughout season 11, much to the annoyance of winner Josie Gibson and fellow contestant John James.

Side note: Remember when Josie and John James were a thing? Aww!

Since his eviction Pepper has carved out a successful career as an internet star – which was yesterday jeopardised following a controversial ‘Fake Hand Ass Pinching Prank’ video uploaded to his YouTube channel.

During the ‘prank’ the 25 year old approaches women on the street whilst wearing an oversized coat with sleeves tucked into the pockets, leaving his hands free to roam beneath.

As Sam then asks the women for directions, he swiftly squeezes their bums with his hidden hands without their prior consent – before then blaming it on passers by.

Because, er, apparently sexual assault is funny? 

In one of the clips, one girl exclaims ‘I don’t like that’ as Sam laughs, while revealing his hidden hand and leans in to touch her again.

The video which has gathered 1.3 million views (so far) has unsurprisingly caused global outrage across social media with #ReportSamPepper quickly trending worldwide.

‘Sam Pepper’s video which openly supports sexual exploitation and sexual harassment of woman should be removed’ One unhappy viewer commented.

Sam, who was evicted from Big Brother after 21 days, has since become one of Britain’s most successful YouTubers, a group of new breed digital media stars that make their sole living creating content for the web.

During his three years of amateur video making, Sam has amassed 140 million total views with over 2 million loyal subscribers tuning into his channel each week.

His videos are fun, cheeky and sometimes a little bit rude. Which is exactly what people go to his channel to watch.

But obviously as viewing figures rise alongside the pressure to create regular content – how do you grow that into a business?

You get funnier, cheekier and even more sexual.

Today however shows that even on the internet, a place where anything goes, there are still boundaries.

Something which Sam, a brand created entirely by the internet, seemed to forget as he allowed his desire for views, online fame and instant reaction take over.

Is it comedy? Is it a step too far for the internet?

Watch the controversial video below:


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Joshua Fox