Eight candidates fight for their dream job in the interview from hell

How far would you go for the job of a lifetime?

First time director Stuart Hazeldine constructs a tense story out of very little.

Eight people have beaten thousands to the final stage of selection for a job at a mysterious company and now they have to sit a test paper.

They’re given strict instructions from an invigilator (Colin Salmon) and told if they break any of his rules they’ll be disqualified. Then they’re left alone in a room with an armed guard.

They turn over the paper only to find it’s blank.

Gradually it dawns on them the only way to find the answer is to co-operate or to trick each other into making a mistake.

Exam owes a lot to The Apprentice as tensions rise and some of the characters reveal themselves to be manipulative, wimpish or psychotic.

Exam is out out now 


 Gillian Crawley