Amber Rose talks Kim Kardashian and the Kylie Jenner lip challenge

They may have recently had one of the biggest Twitter spats the world of the web has ever encountered, but Kanye West‘s former flame Amber Rose, 31, is clearly ready to put her bad blood with the Kardashian‘s behind her.

After being pictured yesterday carrying a Birkin bag with the word ‘Fake’ shockingly scribbled across it in white paint – it’s been widely reported the stunt was a sly dig at Kim Kardashian, 34, who favours the brand.

However, Now can exclusively reveal this is far from the truth after asking Amber directly.

‘That was not my intention,’ Amber explains. ‘I’ve been quite jet lagged since arriving in London and have been sleeping, I wasn’t even aware of this.

‘People assume I’m obsessed with them [Kim and Kanye], but that’s not what I do.’

With this all coming just weeks after Amber slammed Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend Tyga, 25, for dating the 17-year-old star, which resulted in a social media war between the model and reality show family – we guess she’s finally ready to put a stop to the dramaz?

When discussing the current #KylieJennerLipChallenge which has gone viral, where teenagers have been left seeking medical attention after increasing blood flow to their lips by creating an airlock around the mouth of a glass, Amber even offered some encouraging words.

‘I think that as a celebrity you’re still a human being, and you need to live your own life,’ Amber explained. ‘Parents should be watching their kids if they’re ending up in hospital for their lips, the celebrities they’re trying to copy shouldn’t feel responsible.’

Although she added: ‘Please don’t speak to me about that family.’

With Kylie already breaking her silence on the shock trend today, urging fans to ‘be themselves,’ we imagine this is something she’ll find quite refreshing from Amber.

Amber Rose is currently partying across the UK on tour, get tickets to the see the American star here.

Joshua Fox