Singer says her mood swings put ‘strain on the relationship’

Andy Scott-Lee has revealed that he begged wife Michelle Heaton not to go through with her recent binge drinking experiment for a TV show.

The ex-Liberty X star, 27, was forced to pull out of The Truth About Binge Drinking after the heavy boozing drove her to the point of collapse within 3 weeks.

Michelle couldn’t stomach knocking back a bottle of wine a day.

But Andy says she went through with it despite his reservations.

‘I was concerned even before it started,’ he tells Now Online. ‘Probably about 4 or 5 times I begged her not to do it. It’s not good.’

Andy admits that Michelle became unbearable to live with.

‘It might have been fun for the first week, which it proved to be,’ he explains. ‘But gradually her mood swings got really bad and she felt very unattractive and she didn’t want me looking at her.

‘It definitely put a strain on the relationship more than any other time in the past 5 years. I’m just pleased it’s over.’

There has been one positive – the couple are more wary about how much they down.

‘It does make you think twice about the volume you’re drinking and now when I go out I tend to pace myself and I don’t want to peak too soon,’ adds Andy. ‘I don’t drink too much now, so it’s definitely had an effect.’

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