Yep, we can totally see what fiancee Kelly Brook sees in the Celebrity Big Brother star #HOT

Well, helloooooooo there David McIntosh!

If you’re watching Celebrity Big Brother you won’t have been able to miss Mr Tight Trousers.

Fortunately, here at Now magazine we’ve had our eye on Kelly Brook‘s fiance for a while (let’s call it, um, research).

Back in February, we did an exclusive photoshoot with David and it would have been rude NOT to have asked him to strip and show off THAT body.

Here we present the exclusive pictures that have never been seen before…

Now is the ONLY magazine David has spoken to since he started dating Kelly.

Intriguingly, David rocked up to our exclusive shoot WITHOUT any pants on (apparently he prefers to go commando) so we had to rush out to the shops ourselves to find him some tightie whities.

Our showbiz editor Amy Brookbanks has known David for a while and warns Celebrity Big Brother viewers not to judge him too harshly.

She says: ‘People were Tweeting last night that David was too hyper in the Big Brother house but he’s just a happy and upbeat person.

‘He used to be a Royal Marines Commando and if you think about the things he saw when he was in places like Afghanistan, it’s made him value life and feel lucky to be alive.

‘I interviewed him a couple of weeks after he got together with Kelly and it was clear he was completely loved up with her. He likes to cook her jerk chicken!

‘He works out ALL the time and obviously knows he’s got a great body. Naturally, he likes to show it off – he loved checking himself out in the mirror and taking selfies to send to Kelly but if you had a body like that you’d be proud of it too wouldn’t you?

‘I know the marines have been taking the mick out of him for doing Big Brother but he won’t care, he’ll just say they’re jealous because they all want a body like his too!

‘He’s got a lovely smile and it’s really infectious. He’s really seductive when he looks into your eyes.

Kelly is a lucky girl!’


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