Speaking out for the first time, Sharon tells us how the Hollywood star has lost control

A recording of Christian Bale delivering a foul-mouthed tirade against a film crew member became an online hit last week. But friends and family fear it’s a sign that the actor is in crisis.

Speaking exclusively to NOW, his eldest sister Sharon, 41, says: ‘He was never like that when we were growing up. It’s very sad and perhaps he needs help.’

The shocking outburst, which contains 39 F-words in three minutes, is the second episode in six months to raise questions over the multimillionaire’s temper.

Last July, Christian, 35, was arrested and bailed after a furious bust-up with his mum Jenny, 61, and Sharon in his suite at London hotel The Dorchester before the UK premiere of The Dark Knight.

That occurred just a week after his rant on the New Mexico set of Terminator Salvation against the film’s director of photography Shane Hurlbut.

‘It was very frightening – not dissimilar to the rant that has just come out,’ says Sharon. ‘Things were written that my mother or I started it by asking him for money, but that’s not true. I don’t know why he did it. He just came in raving. It was horrible.

‘His outburst was in front of me and my three children, who are all under 12. It’s so out of character for him to have done that, especially in front of the children. I reported him to the police to try to get him some help, but I regret that now.’

No charges were ever brought against Christian and police let him out in time to attend the premiere. Sharon hasn’t spoken to him since. ‘I wrote him a letter afterwards, but he hasn’t replied. It’s really sad. Both rants happened in July last year, so perhaps he was just really stressed.’

A close friend of the actor agrees, telling NOW: ‘I know Christian well and I’m completely on his side. He’s very kind and very level-headed. Being the rich and famous one in his family puts a lot of pressure on him.’

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