The blonde beauty makes a shock return to the reality show

Danielle Armstrong shocked fans and her cast mates when she made an unexpected returned to TOWIE last night.

The 29-year-old beauty, who used to date co-star James Lock, threw a surprise Halloween party in Essex but while her return went down a treat for fans – poor Lockie and his new girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou got tricked.

Speaking to Now at the launch of the London’s Natural History Museum Ice Rink, about her return Danielle said: ‘When I left TOWIE they asked me if I would do a little cameo. I wouldn’t go back full time – I think once you’ve left you’ve done your thing – but they’re still my friends so I threw a Halloween party.’

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The footage showed the gang celebrating the spooky holiday at themed party before a cloaked figure appeared in the hallway, who then pulled down their hood to reveal themselves as Danielle cheekily said: ‘Happy Halloween!’ leading to gasps from her former co-stars.

Danielle confessed to us: ‘I didn’t tell ANY of them – even James and Yazmin – and then they came to the Halloween party and I walked in as was like, ‘surprise’ and Yazmin walked out.’

The Essex boy – who awkwardly was at the bash with his new girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou – looked unimpressed as he said: ‘How’s that even funny?’ and followed his girlfriend.

Meanwhile Chloe Sims was thrilled to see her old pal and gave her hug. ‘You’re not very subtle, are you?’ Chloe was heard telling her. Nope, subtle isn’t a word we’d use for that entrance!

Danielle admits she felt empowered by her brief comeback. She said: ‘It’s one of those moments, and you’ll know what I mean when you watch it on Sunday, it shows you how girls can have Girl Power when you watch it because me and Yazmin, at the end of the day she’s with my ex so it could be a bit like errr but she’s definitely gone up in my estimations because it has been difficult for her. I threw a surprise party and then I’m like ‘Hi’ but it’s a really good end you’ve got to watch it.’

Danni, who recently split from her footballer boyfriend Dan Spiller, admits she’s happy being single.

She said: ‘I’m in a really good place, me and Dan broke up in August – it’s weird, he’s the only ex I’ve still got on with because he’s older. We were friends before but I will never say never with me and him but I went from four year and jumped straight into another one and I think it’s timing with me and him but what will be will be.’

And Danielle, who has just launched her autumn/winter collection at her shop Danni and has lost a staggering 21lbs admits she doesn’t regret any of her failed relationships.

She added: ‘Once you’re happy and content in yourself you bring good vibes. Even though I’m single, I’m 29, i have my own home but you can never have everything. If you’re happy in a loved up relationship, your career is sh*t. If you’re career is flying you’ve broken up with someone, so I honestly believe people come into your life for a reason. James came into my life for a reason, Dan came into my life for a reason – probably for me to get over TOWIE and James, I will never say never with me and Dan but right now I need to be on my own.’

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