TV presenter would rather keep his clothes on


TV presenter Dave Berry doesn’t reckon he’s got the right physique to model underwear, even though Sugababes girlfriend Heidi Range, 25, thinks he’s hot.

‘During a casting for a job once I had to stand in a paddling pool with my trousers around my ankles so they could get an idea of what I’d look like in my boxers,’ Dave tells Now Online!

‘Bearing in mind that I was a pale, skinny, long-haired kind of guy with a slightly patchy body, I was never going to be stripped to the waist with a six-pack.’

But Dave, 30, would be willing to beef up for a shoot if the money was right.

‘If I was to be asked, I would definitely consider it,’ he says.

‘And I would definitely make sure it was maybe 3 – 6 months ahead of the time I agreed to do it. I’d start running. I’d pack in the chicken jalfrezi, mushroom rice and Stella Artois and commit to the gym.’

Dave Berry’s Great British Love Songs airs on 14 February on 4Music.

Alison Adey