Rogan O'Connor claimed that he and Megan McKenna got steamy off camera, but Megan's boyfriend Jordan says otherwise

Ex On The Beach‘s Rogan O’Connor caused quite the stir when he claimed that he and his co-star Megan McKenna had been getting steamy off camera. But Megan’s boyfriend Jordan Davis is standing by his girlfriend – because he doesn’t think anything happened between them.

‘When we’re filming a show like that, we’re not allowed to go off camera,’ Jordan tells Now. ‘So when Rogan said it, I knew that didn’t happen because we don’t have the chance to go and do things off camera. We’re filmed all the time.’

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Rogan was speaking to Beamly when he said that things get ‘steamy’ with Megan when the camera is turned away. ‘It gets pretty saucy,’ he said. ‘She did a lot off camera, she was very sneaky in the way she did it. Which then led me to think she was going to be on me. Then as soon as the cameras went back on, she’d be like “Oh, I’m not doing this, because of Jordan”… I just played along.’

Jordan is adamant that nothing happened between Rogan and his girlfriend, though. ‘Megan didn’t sleep with Rogan, and she would tell you the same,’ he says.

He also stressed that he and Megan are stronger than ever. They’ve just come back from a break in Ibiza, and, despite having only been together for six months, are already thinking of the future.

‘We’re buying a house together in January, and I think engagement will be on the cards soon, I don’t know when, but I can see it happening,’ says Jordan. ‘People think six months isn’t a long time, but when you do a show like Ex On The Beach you’re together all the time, so you just know when it’s right.’

As for why Rogan made the claims about Megan, Jordan says: ‘I don’t really know. Maybe he wanted to cause drama. Or these things can get twisted out of context.’

Rogan also seemed to deny the claims. As the story broke, he tweeted: ‘Disclaimer: I did not have sexual relations with Megan McKenna.’

Okay, so are we all pals again now? Yes? Good.