Because clearly love isn’t love unless you say it with some matching ink, right Marnie Simpson?!

Like accepting his recent marriage proposal wasn’t symbol enough of her commitment to their relationship, Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has tattooed new fiancé Ricky Rayment’s initial on her arm a month after he had an ‘M.’

Because clearly love isn’t love unless you say it with some matching ink, right guys?!

The loved-up couple announced their engagement two weeks ago following a whirlwind six month relationship after enjoying a cheeky kiss for the first time at The National Television Awards in January.

Ricky posted a picture of his tattoo, a small letter M with a small heart, on his Snapchat in June, but so far Marnie has yet to reveal her Ricky inspired tattoo.

The lovebirds expressed a plan to get each others names tattooed when interviewed by Now back in April. During our exclusive chat Ricky said, ‘We’ve spoken about it.’ And it now it proves they’re both people who stick to their word!

Before getting together with Marnie, Ricky split from his TOWIE ex Jessica Wright after more than two and a half years together in October 2014.

Meanwhile Marnie was dating Dan Sloane in late 2014 but the relationship cames to an end a few months later.

A coy Marnie Simpson played down her kiss with her future fiance at the time, saying: ‘Ricky Rayment and I kissed goodbye leaving a party in London. I’m single and a kissed a boy goodbye. Big deal!’

But the duo quickly become inseparable. By early February they start popping up in each other’s social media snaps and made it clear that they were an item when they stepped out holding hands.

Ricky announced in May that he was leaving TOWIE and it sparked speculation that he could be about to join his girl on Geordie Shore, something he was quick to deny. But later that month Ricky went into the Geordie Shore house where Marnie was filming and popped the question. Many raised an eyebrow saying that they were moving too fast but the former TOWIE star had ‘never been happier.’

Come on Marnie, tat pic please!

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 Amy Brookbanks