Sounds like Lady Gaga had quite the night out


She was set to take to the stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall with Tony Bennett to perform their Grammy-award winning jazz album Cheek To Cheek.

But after Tony came down with the flu hours before call time, Lady Gaga’s evening took an unexpected turn.

After telling her 47 million Twitter followers ‘not to worry about Tony,’ the self-proclaimed Mother Monster was determined to put a performance on one way or another.

So she headed over to iconic London jazz bar Ronnie Scott’s instead.

And despite usually wowing tens of thousands of fans in stadiums around the world, last night Lady Gaga had a bit of a different response.

A source inside the club told us: ‘She’d been drinking in the bar with her crew for a couple of hours before she stumbled up to the stage and performed for an hour. In between each track she’d be downing drinks, and it got to the point where she needed help standing up.

‘Other than the few tables closest to the stage, most people just carried on with their conversations and glanced over occasionally.’

We’re kinda jealous we weren’t there! We’d have got the party started.

Sadly for the 29-year-old singer while she’d been stumbling around on stage, the traffic wardens of Soho had been slapping a ticket on her Rolls Royce that was parked directly outside.

Not the best end to a night out really. We’d have preferred some cheesy chips.