Jasmin Walia talks to Now about her split from Ross Worswick, her music career and a possible return to TOWIE

She’s managed to break away from the constraints of reality TV and now Jasmin Walia is working hard to reinvent herself as a pop star. Earlier this year she and Zack Knight released single Dum Dee Dee Dum – which has clocked up more than seven million views on YouTube.

But Jasmin, 26, is grateful for the platform her time on TOWIE gave her, as well as her appearance on Desi Rascals – alongside ex-boyfriend Ross Worswick. Both stars have kept quiet about the split, but, during an exclusive chat with Now, Jasmin told us: ‘It just didn’t work out. It was pretty much amicable and I do want to keep it private. But he’s a great guy and it’s a shame things didn’t work out.’


When we move the conversation onto her music career, Jasmin beams as she explains: ‘It’s done really well! I’m actually surprised by the reaction because I thought I’d be judged for coming from TOWIE. But before doing TV work I went to stage school – I’m not just a reality star trying to jump on the singing bandwagon, I’ve been doing this forever!’

Two years ago Jasmin auditioned for The X Factor in front of Simon Cowell and Cheryl and, although it didn’t quite go to plan, she’s grateful for the opportunity.

She says: ‘I knew everyone was going to judge me because of my background but doing the audition really gave me the confidence to push forward with my music.’

And would Jasmin ever make a return to the show that made her famous? ‘Of course I would never say no,’ she insists. ‘But I’m so busy with the music right now it would have to be a cameo! It’s so different now, it’s still great show but the characters aren’t as strong as the originals.’

She’s appeared on two successful shows and is playing Princess Jasmine in panto in December, but where does our very own Jasmin see herself this time next year?

‘In the top 20, hopefully!’ She laughs. We can definitely see that happening!