Footballer says hooligans set a bad example to kids


Chelsea star John Terry has criticised the thugs who battered Donal MacIntyre and his wife in a bar.

Speaking exclusively to Now, the England captain, who has just been voted Dad Of The Year, says hooligans set a bad example for kids.

‘I understand that players and fans are passionate about the game, but you have to remember that kids are watching. It sets a bad example to them,’ he says.

John, 28, admits he’s excited to be named Best Dad by Daddies Sauce.

‘Before I had my kids, football was my life,’ he says. ‘If I lost a game, I wouldn’t speak to anyone. I went through the same emotions as the fans.

‘Now if I lose a game, I come home and see the kids and it keeps me grounded. I missed them being born because I was away playing football, but luckily my wife filmed it all on her mobile phone!

‘Sometimes I don’t get in from a Champions League match until five or six in the morning. I always ask Toni to get the kids to wake me up when they get up an hour later. I can’t spend enough time with them.’

Georgie John and Summer Rose are now two, and John’s already thinking of their futures.

‘My little girl loves animals and keeps saying she wants to be a vet. I’d love my son to play football, but I’m not going to push him.

‘Having said that, you can get started at Chelsea at five years-old now!’

John says he’s looking forward to the wedding of his close friend Joe Cole and Carly Zucker tomorrow.


Beth McLoughlin