The star comes clean to Now Editor Abigail Blackburn about why her marriage really crumbled


Katie Price has revealed to Now that the real reason her relationship with Peter Andre fell apart was because, emotionally, she felt she just couldn’t breathe.

‘The trouble is…I felt married to two people – Pete and our management,’ she confides.

‘And it was like Pete was married to two women, Claire [manager Claire Powell] and me. And it just suffocated me.

‘I’m just so much happier. I’m not walking on eggshells.

‘If I’m going to blame anyone for the end of my relationship with Pete, I’d have to lay some of the blame with Claire.’

Does Katie look back on the whole marriage now and think it was a farce?

‘No, not at all. We were in love,’ she insists. ‘But I’m well out of there. I’ve got my life back. When my autobiography
comes out next year, I can’t wait to be honest about it all.’

Claire Powell says: Yes, I did have to control Kate to a certain extent as can be seen since she stopped being my client. Obviously when you’re managing someone, you will have an influence over them. But Pete doesn’t need to be controlled like Kate, none of my other clients do, it was only her.’

See the full interview with Katie Price in Now magazine dated 26 October 2009 – out now!

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