After shedding 3st in three months, BB11 champ Josie is in the best shape of her life


When Now meets Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson for our exclusive photo shoot, she looks so different we almost walk past her!

With glowing skin, killer cheekbones and seriously sexy curves, the Bristolian babe’s never looked better.

Obviously I wanted to lose weight as I’d turned into a bit of a heifer,’ says the self-deprecating 25-year-old.

Now I just feel really fit and healthy.’

Josie, who lives with boyfriend and fellow BB star John James Parton, also 25, has dropped 3st in three months by hitting the gym four times a week and eating a delivery diet.

As a result, she’s gone from 16st 7lb to 13st 7lb and is now a size 12-14. John James loves her whatever her size but he has noticed that her ‘arse has shrunk’.

Before I lost weight I was nearly size 20 and my only exercise was partying,’ admits 5ft 10in Josie.

I’ve tried all the diets – I did the Cambridge Diet and lasted from the meeting until I got home!

‘They gave me all the bits and pieces but I ate a week’s worth of food on the spot, then stopped for a kebab.’

All that changed after Josie left the BB house in October and began her shape-up plan.

She opted for Go Lower food delivery – a low-carb, portion controlled plan – as it was so convenient.

It’s perfect for me as I can’t cook apart from throwing a chicken in the oven,’ she says.

But it’s been hard dieting because John James is trying to beef up at the moment.

‘He comes home and eats what he wants – a pizza, a foot-long Subway sandwich – while I’m having to watch everything I eat.

He’s been good with me, though, encouraging me to stick to the diet and not give in.

‘Since he’s trying to put on weight he can’t come and have a run with me in the gym but – and I know this sounds bad – I’m 10 times fitter than John.

‘He may have a six-pack, but I could easily outrun him now.’

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