Love Island star Cara De La Hoyde looks picture perfect to us already but with her wedding to fiancé Nathan Massey less than six months away, the 2016 Love Island winner like any bride-to-be wants to shine on her big day so had a non-surgical lower facelift to get rid of her double chin.

As a busy mum to son Freddie, the star didn’t want to have surgery and needed something that gives instant results after hating how her chin looked on selfies, so decided to try Strawberry Lift.

The procedure is a non-surgical, pain-free, non-invasive laser and ultrasound treatment that combats fat under the chin and works to define the jawline and contour the cheekbones in just 20 minutes.


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Cara had four treatments to achieve her new sculpted look and is so enamoured by it she made Nathan have it too and wants to treat her bridesmaids to the procedure.

Down to earth and self deprecating, Cara is still the bubbly, chatty lass who won over fans in the famous villa three years ago.

CelebsNow spoke to her about wedding planning, body image, and the secret to her and the latest Love Island split…

Hi Cara, after watching another Love Island couple Meghan and Wes break up, why do you think you and Nathan have made it?

‘I don’t know, it’s hard. We had a break as well didn’t we, and we’re stronger than ever. But I don’t know, although it was a big show and we had a lot of pressure when we came out, now the pressure is even more for these guys, like they’ve got the public rooting for them, they don’t want to let the public down.

‘It’s really hard being with someone, living with them, working with someone – even if you’re not in the public eye if you’re working together with each other day and night it’s really, really hard. So them taking time apart like we did might be the best thing for them.’

Is that your advice for them?

‘I think they should take it all in their stride. I think the good thing with me and Nathan is we were so amicable, we never said anything bad or slated each other in the papers or anything like that so be amicable as well. I always had in the back of my mind, “if things sort themselves out I don’t want to be slating him in the paper”, and then three weeks later back we’re back together. That would have been embarrassing wouldn’t it?’

Do you think they could get back together?

‘I don’t know them personally – I’ve never met Wes and don’t know their relationship but it would be nice to have a few more Love Island couples out there. I met Meghan and she seemed really lovely.’

Would you ever let Nathan take part in one of these reality shows like Dancing on Ice or Strictly?

‘I’d love him too!’

Would you not be worried about the show’s curse?

‘Oh no! I tell you what if they had Nathan chatting and nagging their ear off after ten minutes they’d give him back! Look, we’ve been together three years now, we have a child, we’re pretty good.

‘We’ve never had any issues like that – I’ve never ever had to lay the law down. He does his thing, has boys nights, I have girls nights and to us trust is not an issue at all. If he was on there I’d be down there cheering for him!’

How’s wedding planning going – have you turned into bridezilla?
‘I’m like a swan at the moment, really calm on the surface and everything is great and underneath I’m working super hard, hard to keep everything – organising is key to this wedding. I don’t like messing about, I know what I want and I like things quick.

‘I don’t want a massive wedding with everyone and their dog and this and that, but just our family and friends. I can’t have too many people, I’ve got a budget!’

Is Nathan being a groomzilla?
‘I think he might be when it comes to the food. He’s very relaxed with everything but as soon as it comes to the food he’s going to be fully involved.’

Will you marry here or abroad?

‘I don’t know. I would love to have it in the sun as I think it’s a lot easier to do that but Nathan wants it to be here and it depends as well on availability as things get booked so far in advance.’

Will any of your friends from Love Island be invited?

‘Yeah, we’ll have Scott Thomas there and a few other familiar faces but we won’t finalise the guest list until nearer to the time. Tommy Mallet and Georgia will definitely be there. It’s so political when you get married with family, so we’ve got to sort the families out first and then we can start doing the friends.’

Have you chosen who the designer will be of your dress?

‘No, I’ve got a couple in mind so I am going to try a couple on as there’s so many designs. I’ve been with my friends but I need to go with my mum for the final decision. Mums know best.’

Are you trying for more babies?

‘We’re not trying at the moment as we have the wedding and I want to stay nice and slim for the wedding but after that I would love to try again and have a little girl.’

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Why did you have the Strawberry Lift treatment?

‘I heard about it and I was a little bit wobbly under my chin so I wanted something that wasn’t painful and gave quick results before my wedding.

‘I am impressed with my results. I cannot believe that there’s a treatment that can make such a difference to your face and jawline without surgery or pain. For any busy mums out there, I know you will love how quick and easy the treatments are – they last just 20 minutes, plus no downtime! I cannot recommend it enough.’

Why were you self conscious about it?

‘No, no one ever has made a comment about my appearance. It was just when I had my son Freddie I wanted to look amazing. You know what it’s like you are on the phone taking a selfie and switch the camera round and you see that little bit under the chin so I went “no, that needs to go.”
‘I didn’t want any bad angles especially for my wedding photos. I think once you have a baby you do get self conscious about it and I wanted to feel like me.’

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Have you felt less body confident since becoming a mother?

‘I think everyone does. I loved everything about my body when I was pregnant. I had quite an easy pregnancy that’s why.
‘But I am going to get back into training now before the wedding and eating right after the holidays – it doesn’t really
help when it’s Christmas and things like that – so I just want to get myself back into healthy eating. But we all have down days and we’re never perfect in our own eyes are we?’

Was it the area under the chin your only body niggle?

‘I think so. When I saw what the treatment said it would do, I thought that’s too good to be true but it is amazing, and you can see the difference straight away so I said to Nathan, “Nathan, this is amazing, you need to try it!”

‘Nathan went and had it too. I brought him down to one of the treatments and he had it and his results – mine were good – but Nathan’s were unbelievable. With me as well, they did my jawline and it makes a difference to your cheekbones. My hairdresser saw it and now wants it done. Everyone is wanting it!’

Will you make your bridesmaids have it so they all look nice on the photos?
‘Well you know it wouldn’t hurt! Maybe it should be my gift to them – you’ve given me an idea now! No, no, I’m joking – they’re beautiful as they are but I will offer.’

Will you have more surgery?

‘I used to think if I had the money I’d have the whole Kardashian “everything” done but I’ve realised seeing the results from my hard work are a better pay off and make me feel pretty proud. I’ve thought about having my breasts done, but I want another baby so I will wait until I have finished breast feeding and have finished having my children.’

Has being on Love Island made you more critical of your body?

‘No, because before Love Island I was a dancer anyway and always around beautiful girls. I’m also not 17 anymore, I’m 28 and your body changes anyway as you get older.’

What happens during the treatment?

‘I was a little nervous at first as although they said it was going to be pain-free. I was expecting there to at least be some pain but there was no need to be nervous at all.

‘They start by cleansing your face and neck area, then you sit for around 10 minutes with a specially designed laser chin machine which warms up – this is what zaps away the fat.

‘After this you have some gel put over your neck, jawline and cheeks for the ultrasound section which takes another 10 minutes. The ultrasound continues to work on you for like 12 weeks after then the results last 18 months.’

Cara is now a brand ambassador for innovative non-surgical laser treatment, Strawberry Lift. Clinically proven and pain-free, the Strawberry Lift treatment helps to reduce double chins, define the jawline and contour cheekbones – giving the ultimate Supermodel Look.

Words by Sarah Robertson.