The singer fills us in on his love life, and tells us why money will never make him happy

We catch Olly Murs after 
a full day of rehearsals for The Voice, ahead of his return as a judge for the second year.

Despite his long day, Olly, 34, is full of beans, jiggling around on the swivel chair as we chat about his time in the music industry and his annoyance at regularly being in the press because of his love life.

Olly Murs

But, as always with Olly, nothing is off limits and unlike many other celebs these days, he doesn’t once decline to answer a question.

It’s been almost 10 years since the Essex boy first appeared on The X Factor but – apart from the obvious fame and fortune 
– it’s clear to see this is one pop star who’s kept his feet firmly 
on the ground…

Hi, Olly! You’re back as 
a judge on The Voice – 
how’s it going?

It’s been the best year from what I’ve been told. All the producers are saying it’s the 
best vibe and the chemistry between us judges is better. The contestants are great. We’re not trying too hard and so we 
are just having fun.

Would you ever be tempted to go on I’m a Celeb?

I had this debate with my best mate and my family recently, and we agreed that I would love to be in the jungle, but it would be impossible for me to do any of the trials. The spiders… I’ve not got a phobia, but when they’re big and on your head, I would freak out.


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What about doing Strictly?

I’ve done my fair share of reality being on The X Factor. Dancing is an incredible skill to learn. But is it right for me at this moment in my career? Probably not. I doubt my management would let me anyway!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve read about yourself?

The only thing I don’t like being written about is my dating life, everything else is irrelevant. The dating stuff annoys me because I feel like sometimes it comes across that I’m desperate and I’m not at all, I’m happy being single.

How does your 
mate Mark Wright feel about you being linked 
to his sister Jess?


I don’t know, but me and Jess are friends. We’ve always been mates and Wrighty is one of my closest friends. I’d feel bad if he felt there was something going on because there isn’t. Me and Jess laugh about things like that. Jess is amazing. I’ve got nothing but love for her and the whole Wright family. There’s a bro code – you don’t date your mate’s sister. Unless you end up getting married, it can be tricky.


It was once reported you pay yourself a plumber’s wage. 
Is that still the case?

Yeah, I still pay myself a wage each month. The plumber part was taken out of context, but 
I have always liked having 
a salary each month, because that’s what I’ve always been used to. Obviously, I’ve got bills to pay, a few mortgages to pay, so paying myself monthly helps me manage my money better.

Have you got used to 
being rich yet?

I don’t think I’ll ever get used 
to it, because I really appreciate it. I know I’m lucky to be in the position I am. Money doesn’t define me or bring happiness. Money doesn’t create laughter or love. You can have all of that stuff, but if you haven’t got the right people around you to share those moments, then what’s the point?

How have you kept your 
feet on the ground?

The one thing I really take pride 
in is the fact that my mates have never changed around me. That’s probably a bit of credit to myself for not getting washed away with what 
I could be doing. 
I could be going 
to these amazing parties every night and having parties at my flat every weekend and having loads of models round and all these great crazy cars and living a mad lifestyle – but how could my friends relate to that? 
How could they connect to me and be friends with me if they can’t do that, too?

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