Our guest columnist Peter Andre gives us his views on the week's hot topics...

Peter Andre has been blessed with good hair, but what if he was to ever start thinning or losing it completely?

He tells us, ‘There’s been lots of talk about David Beckham’s hair growth recently and, for me, if someone wants to do something like that then there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m very, very lucky that to this day I haven’t lost any of my hair, but if I did, and thought a hair transplant would make me feel better, then I would. It’s no different to somebody getting Botox if they’ve got a few wrinkles. If it helps boost someone’s self-esteem, why not? Subtle changes 
can be good – it’s nobody else’s business!’

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Back to dad mode!

‘I’ve been recovering from jet lag as I was in Australia visiting my family, so getting back into the swing of things has been hard. I’m back into dad mode now, though! It was lovely coming back to Theo, Amelia and Emily as they couldn’t come this time. It was Amelia’s 5th birthday when I got home – she’s getting so big! I’ve also been recording the voice for Ace, my character from the Thomas and Friends film. It’s a very exciting project.’

Pete on tour

‘I’ll be going on tour next month to celebrate the songs I’ve written and recorded 
over the past 25 years, 
and believe it or not, it’s called the #Celebrating25 Years tour. I’m really excited! Performing is the one thing 
I feel so comfortable doing – 
I feel at home when I’m on stage. I get nervous on live TV because it’s just you and 
a camera, but I love to feed off an audience. You can expect a fun night with 
lots of interaction and hits that you may or may not have known were mine.’

‘Vegan food options are a great move!’

‘Lots of fast food places like Greggs and McDonald’s have introduced vegetarian or vegan options to their menus, which I think is a great move. I’m surprised it’s taken them so long to move into this area. I was brought up to have 
a vegetarian meal two or 
three times a week to give the digestion a break. I teach my kids to be active, rather than watch everything they eat. 
It’s up to us as parents to point them in the right direction.’