We reveal how Katie Price's former confidante paid the ultimate Price for sleeping with her man

Sad, dowdy and showing signs she’s ditched her A-list gym routine, Jane Pountney has clearly paid the full Price of trying to steal her best friend’s man. In the week Katie Price, 36, took to her YouGossip site to publicly condemn her former BFF for the ultimate betrayal of sleeping with her husband Kieran Hayler, posting an unflattering photo of the 49-year-old mum of two, Jane attempted to put on a brave smile as she returned to her West Sussex home.

Dressed in a baggy jumper and purple coat, lugging bags of shopping on her own and sporting a new auburn tinge to her long hair, Jane seemed a shell of her former self. This time last year she was spending nearly every day with Katie, had free access to her bulging designer wardrobe and was treated to hair extensions and regular Botox by her best friend.

Now, life’s a lot different. As the newly honed and toned Katie – who had her breasts reduced just before Christmas and is expected to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight – announced: ‘This is going to be the best year of my life. Katie Price is back in business big time,’ Jane’s facing the worst year of her life. With her 50th birthday looming, not only is she dealing with her impending divorce from husband Derrick, but as a consequence she also has to sell their beloved home.

And while Katie’s announced to the world that her relationship with her third husband, builder Kieran, is back on track, praising him to her 1.9 million Twitter followers and boasting she’s
‘so in love’, Jane’s marriage to tyre recycling businessman Derrick, 52, has imploded.

To add insult to injury Kieran, 27, also recently broke his silence, likening Jane and Chrissy Thomas (the other friend of Katie’s he slept with) to ‘prostitutes’. He said: ‘They didn’t have to come and meet me in the car park, they didn’t have to have sex with me, but they both did and they’re two of Katie’s best friends so it shows you what type of people they are.’

With her world now in tatters, how many times must Jane have wished she could turn back the clock? Her 10-month affair with Kieran unravelled while her family were holidaying with Katie’s on the exclusive Cape Verde island last summer, when heavily pregnant Kate discovered the pair kissing on a sun lounger.

While Jane initially tried to pass it off as a ‘storm in a teacup’, it emerged she and Kieran had been having sex behind their partners’ backs for months. Within weeks of discovering their betrayal, Katie also found out Kieran had been sleeping with her other close friend Chrissy.

Although Jane put on a brave face when Now caught up with her last week, smiling and saying she didn’t wish to comment on the falling out, a former pal told us that was just for show.

‘Things couldn’t be worse for Jane. She’s lost everything just because of her stupid obsession with Kieran,’ they said. ‘Derrick couldn’t forgive her because he felt publicly humiliated by the whole thing and there was no way their marriage could survive.

‘Because Katie was so mortally wounded by the betrayal, she won’t let it drop – and it’s getting worse. Every time she remembers what Jane did she can’t help but take to Twitter to condemn her. She’s always worn her heart on her sleeve and this is her way of getting things off her chest. Consequently, Jane never knows when the next eruption will be.

‘On top of that, Jane’s two kids know everything because the whole thing played out in front of them and that’s been really difficult. She realised she’d been completely used by Kieran for sex and that he’d never loved her, which was a huge blow to her ego.

‘In the midst of all this she’s completely lost the friendship of Katie, who was in her life for 20 years. Her whole life has been torn to bits. Derrick has told her they’ll have to sell the house as part of the divorce. It’s like everything around her has been dismantled – and she’s going to be 50 this year. She just feels like a wreck.’

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