Ricci Guarnaccio talks to Now about his secret surgery

Oozing confidence, good looks and Geordie charm, it’s hard to imagine that behind the bravado, party boy Ricci Guarnaccio has been hiding a secret insecurity.

After breaking his nose a couple of years ago, the former Geordie Shore star was tormented by hateful messages on social media, which affected him so badly he’d look in the mirror up to ‘10 times a day’ and admits he ‘felt like a freak’.

‘I’m not usually bothered by what people say to me on Twitter, but you’d get the odd person slagging you off and I felt gutted. It really sticks with you,’ he says. Here, Ricci, 28, explains in our exclusive interview why he finally took the brave decision to go under the knife for a painful rhinoplasty operation in Poland.

Ricci, how are you feeling after the surgery?
You know what, when I arrived at the surgery in Poland, seeing people sat there with black eyes and strapped noses, I was like: ‘Shit, am I doing the right thing?’

What was wrong with your nose?

Because it had been broken, it wasn’t symmetrical. It was going in different directions. It’s been straightened and filed now.

What made you want to go under the knife?

I was really hurt when people would slag me off on Twitter. It was mostly jealous guys, but you get girls doing it, too. You get a few odd trolls. I’m not usually bothered by what people say to me on Twitter, but I was gutted.

How did it make you feel?

I was devastated. Your nose is the first thing everyone sees. When people Tweet you to slag you off, it sticks with you. I felt like a freak.

You seem such a confident guy, though…

I was definitely confident, but now I’ve upped my standards [laughs]. Generally things people say don’t bother me at all. I usually couldn’t care less, but this was my own personal thing. I used to look at my nose at least 10 times a day in the mirror and I wasn’t happy with it.

When did you decide enough was enough?

Last year when I was touring Australia. I was on my last personal appearance of the tour when a girl came up to me and said: ‘God, your nose isn’t as big in real life as it is in the papers.’

Was the op painful?

Yeah. It’s when they pull the plugs out of each nostril – like two tampons being pulled out of your nose. I was screaming. Your nose gets cemented in with all the blood for two days before you get them pulled out, so it’s agonising. But after you get them out, it’s a walk in the park. It’s weird because obviously you want to see the final results right away but you don’t see them until six months down the road.

Are you happy with it now?

I’m pleased I had it done. I’ve still got the sticky tape on so I can’t wait to see the final outcome. My mum’s really happy I finally did it.

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