After completing her sex change, Now gives Kellie Maloney the confidence to hit the beach in her first ever swimwear shoot

Just over 10 months ago, former boxing promoter Frank Maloney stepped into the Celebrity Big Brother house as transgender Kellie Maloney. Having lived as a recluse for the previous 18 months in fear of ‘rejection and ridicule’ during the ‘lowest point of my life,’ she was forced to come out after a member of her support group tipped off a newspaper.

‘I wasn’t a person when I went into the house,’ Kellie, 61, recalls. ‘The girls in there really helped me accept myself and learn not to be so frightened.’

Now, after voice training, hours of electrolysis hair removal, a boob job, facial reconstruction and, most recently, genital surgery, Kellie’s completed her transition and is putting her fears behind her.

Talking about how she feels wearing a swimsuit for the very first time, she tells Now: ‘It’s overwhelming. I’ve never seen myself like this before. I’m going on my first holiday as Kellie soon, to Malta, and I thought I’d spend it all hidden away, but it’s really given me confidence.’

We think Kellie looks amazing, but she admits she does still want to lose weight.

‘I won’t have any fear going on the beach now, but I want to lose some weight,’ she tells us. ‘I haven’t been able to exercise since my bottom surgery, so I’ve put on around 10lb. I’d love a body like Lauren Goodger’s she looks amazing.’

Kellie, who has two daughters, feels like she’s finally in a place where she can be physically happy with the way her body has changed.

‘I’d say I’m 99 per cent there,’ she says. ‘Medically, everything’s in place, but I’ve got a lot to learn. I still make silly mistakes like buying clothes that are too young for me, but my daughters help me out.’

* Kellie’s autobiography Frankly Kellie (£16.99, Blink) is out on 13 August
* Kellie Maloney: No Going Back, Thursday 4th June, 10pm, Channel 5