The TOWIE star opens up about splitting from his Geordie Shore fiancee and his hopes for the future

When news emerged that TOWIE star Ricky Rayment was dating Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson their relationship was understandably met with scepticism.

Even his own reality stars pals believed the romance wouldn’t last. But just six months later the pair appeared to defy critics, by announcing a shock engagement. Then, two weeks ago Marnie, 23, was spotted leaving a nightclub with another man.

Devastated by rumours that she’d cheated on him, Ricky, 25, was forced to deny claims they’d split, despite the fact he spent his birthday in Thailand filming the ITV show The Big Fish Off without her.


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So just what is going on between the pair? Ricky spoke exclusively to Now to set the record straight, explaining how he was left devastated when his fiancée dumped him over text message.

‘We hadn’t been getting on for a couple of weeks – not real arguments just bitty stuff.’

‘Basically we’ve been together every single day.’

He adds: ‘I said to her ‘Let’s rejuvenate things – you go back to Newcastle for a bit and I’ll stay here. You can go and see your mates and I’ll see mine and everything will go back to normal.’

‘She took it the wrong way.’

‘She ended up breaking up with me. I was pretty devastated.’

‘She was on her way home and she texted me.’

Ricky also explains how he felt when he saw the images of Marnie leaving a club with another man.

He says; ‘That set me off and I was like; ‘Who’s this guy?’

‘Apparently it was just a friend [Marty McKenna] who’s going out with one of her mates. She proved that to me and showed me the texts and the photos, so I know it’s true. I didn’t like it at the time.’

Ricky also reveals how he found a text from an ex-boyfriend on Marnie’s phone. ‘I went off the handle. I didn’t want to be with her any more.’

But despite the drama it seems that there might still be hope for the pair and Ricky seems intent on seeing Marnie when he gets back to England.

‘It’s been an upsetting time, but love isn’t easy. When you do find the one you want to be with for ever you have to do everything you can to make sure you get through it.’ Ricky says.

Let’s hope they can work things out.

To read the full interview on their relationship and to see what Ricky has to say about his recent arrest pick up a copy of Now magazine.

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