Did The Voice's Rita Ora snub the Fifty Shades Of Grey premiere?

Just 15 months ago, when it was announced Rita Ora had landed her first big screen movie role in Fifty Shades Of Grey she couldn’t contain her excitement.

Tweeting ‘it’s official! I’ve been cast in @FiftyShades of Grey as Christians sister Mia!‘ – she then went on to explain how the film ‘is going to make a lot of waves’ and how ‘awesome’ it’s going to be.

And, as well as landing the starring role of Christian Grey‘s sister Mia, Rita also hinted she was recording a song for the movie’s soundtrack. Telling Metro newspaper she has a ‘vision’ for the soundtrack.

But, er, just over a year later it all seems to be a very different story.

In the final edit of the film – which has already smashed the record for most advanced ticket sales ever – Rita bags just 23 seconds of airtime throughout the whole 100 minute blockbuster.

Acknowledging this slightly awkward turn of events, Rita herself Tweeted that the cameo is ‘a blink and you’ll miss it role’.

Not just that, but as the official soundtrack tracklisting was unveiled – Rita’s name was nowhere to be seen.


So when the stars came out in force to join Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson at the London premiere on Thursday night, questions were raised about why Rita was sadly a no show.

However, a source has exclusively revealed to Now that she certainly wasn’t snubbing the event.

‘Rita was never confirmed to attend the premiere,’ our source revealed. ‘She was recording a performance at Graham Norton and was going to try and go to the premiere in between rehearsals and the recording – but logicastially it wasn’t possible.’

We guess that’s that then!

It seems The Voice coach is already moving onto bigger and better things, with the track Grateful which she’s set to perform on Graham Norton, already receiving an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song after it featured on movie Beyond The Lights.

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