An engagement looked like it was on the cards at first for TOWIE couple Danielle Armstrong and James Lock

We all love an on-screen proposal, but as much as it was looking likely and we had our fingers crossed for one between Danielle Armstrong and James Lock on Sunday night, things took a turn towards splitsville instead.

The TOWIE couple’s relationship has never been plain-sailing, with Danielle admitting: ‘We’ll have one or two weeks where things are going great and I love him every minute and then I’ll hate him again and we won’t talk for three days. And then I’ll love him again.’

Despite that though, the beginning of the episode was looking promising, as Lockie flashed a big rock that he’s chosen with Elliot Wright, and he looked like he wanted to get down on one knee, despite the ups and downs that the couple have always had.

But while James was practising his proposal speech, Danielle was on a very different wavelength, saying: ‘He’s been a nightmare. His temper, his anger. What have I done to deserve this? He’s awful to me!’

Not really what you’d expect a bride-to-be to say…

‘What have I ever done to make you this angry at me? When I put my key in the door I don’t know what mood you are going to be in!’, she asked him in the episode, while James tried to defend himself by saying that he hasn’t slipped up and cheated again, before Danielle replied with, ‘It isn’t about cheating! I’m talking about how you treat me!’

After a bit of a screaming match, Lockie calmly asked a pretty loaded question of whether she wanted to call it a day.

And just like that, without with a peck on the cheek, a tearful Danielle walked away and James was left alone at the restaurant. Just him and an unwanted engagement ring.

While we were all sitting at home thinking this was all pretty dramatic, before turning off the telly to go make a cup of tea, it’d be easy to forget that this isn’t just a tv show, and this is someone’s actual life we’re watching her people.

Now’s Amy Brookbanks was live on ITVBe’s TOWIE after show, All Back to Essex, hosted by Mark Wright, and spoke to Danielle, who was hiding backstage watching the show so that she didn’t have to come face-to-face with her ex, James Lock.

Danielle, who wept several times during last night’s episode and backstage during the live show, told Now: ‘I’m so nervous, I haven’t seen James since Marbella and I don’t want to see him. I can’t stop crying.’

When asked if she thinks they will get back together Danielle admitted: ‘I don’t know at the moment so much has happened, but I don’t think so….’

 Amy Lo