Tess Daly is a romantic wife


Vernon Kay is no doubt in the doghouse at the moment but he and wife Tess Daly are a loving couple.

Seems Tess, 38, likes to give her spouse nice surprises, rather than shocking ones.

‘The most romantic thing Tess has done for me was for our wedding anniversary,’ Vernon told Now in an exclusive interview.

I’m a huge Elvis Presley fan and when he first signed his record deal he bought himself a pinky ring with a lucky horseshoe on it.

‘I had a really bad fake copy of it from Graceland, but she took it to a Hatton Garden jeweller and had a white gold version made with real diamonds.

‘It’s quality! I couldn’t believe it when she had it made. It only ever comes out 
on themed nights, though.’

So what does Vern, 35, get up to on a boys’ nights out with the lads?

‘Er… we drink responsibly and talk about politics and social attitudes!’

Alison Tay

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