Girl gains entry to Aston's home

JLS ladies’ man Aston Merrygold is ‘completely freaked out’ after a female fan broke into his north London home.

Aston, 22, who is touring with JLS from next week, had left his house just hours before for rehearsals.

‘A woman had climbed up to the balcony to his bedroom and got in through the window,’ says a JLS insider.

‘She was believed to have been watching Aston‘s movements and was tracking him that day outside his home.

‘She waited for his car to take him to Manchester before she made her move.’

The intruder was discovered quickly by Aston‘s flatmate.

‘His clothes were sprawled on the floor but nothing was taken,’ the source tells The Mirror.

Aston was freaked out when he heard – he’s in total shock.’

Aston shouldn’t really be surprised – he and the rest of the JLS boys – Marvin Humes, 25, Oritse Williams, 23, and JB Gill, 22, are familiar with crazed female fans who’ll do anything to get close to them. 

During their 2009 tour, a fan hid herself in a hold-all that matched the group’s luggage in the hope she’d be carried to the airport with the band.

The guys all over friends looking after their homes while they’re away.

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Esme Riley