Ellie Goulding is super loved-up with her McBusted boyfriend!

They’ve been a couple for around 16¬†months now, and Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter aren’t shy about telling the world how loved-up they are. But Ellie’s gone one better than a cute selfie in a new cover interview with Glamour magazine – she’s only gone and said she wants to marry the Dougster!

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‘God, yes! I’m nearly 30,’ she replied, when quizzed about the subject of marriage. ‘I once had a pretty warped view of marriage because so many people around me had divorced parents. So for a long time I did think that I’d never get married and that men were sh*t – all that stuff.’

Oh, we know that feeling, Ellie.

‘But when someone comes along and re-establishes that trust, then it’s nice to think of doing everything the traditional way: having a church wedding, with all my family in one place – I love the idea of that,’ she continued, proving that Dougie had showed her that romance is well and truly alive.

Well, isn’t this adorable? It wasn’t long ago that Ellie and Dougie did a couples cover shoot for Rollacoaster¬†magazine, and looked incredible together. We bet they’d look ever more amazing on their wedding day!